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FIWARE – An open initiative supported by European Union to foster applications development

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From Internet beginnings there have been a lot of initiatives to facilitate interoperability and foster the construction of Web applications and services. In this post we are going to talk about one of these initiatives that is getting more and more relevance thanks to the impulse received from European Union together with big telecommunication companies as Telefónica .We are talking about FIWARE.

FIWARE can be defined as an open middleware platform that allows the development of new Web applications and services. It offers a powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that facilitates implementation of new functionalities ranging from user authentication to the denominated Internet of things, including management of geographic information, big data and open data.

But FIWARE is much more than a technological initiative. It aims to become a sustainable ecosystem where synergies among applications providers (especially SMEs and start-ups), potential customers and technology suppliers will meet.  To achieve its objectives, the initiative is based on five pillars:

FIWARE platform:  It´s a platform that gives access to all the components and information of FIWARE initiative.
FIWARE Lab: It´s a sandbox environment where developers can test their applications and use already configured instances of FIWARE components.
FIWARE Ops: It´s a collection of tools that eases the deployment, setup and operation of FIWARE instances.
FIWARE Accelerate: It´s a programme to promote the use of FIWARE technologies, with special focus on SMEs and Start-ups.
FIWARE Mundus: It´s a programme to spread the use of FIWARE in the world.

GeoSLab takes part in one of FIWARE accelerators: FINODEX that selects funds and provides support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data. 

FINODEX is co-financed by European Commission and designed as a competition among the submitted projects that are evaluated before go to the next phase. Our application Pestifinder has recently reached the last phase. Now, it´s time to solve some items related to design and functionalities and gets the application ready to be launched to the market

More information about FIWARE in