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Great success of attendance to the workshop of Public Liability and tools for farming advice

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More than 100 professionals of farming sector attended yesterday the workshop organized by the Official Association of agronomists of Aragón. The speakers exposed subjects of great interest such as the assurance of public liability of agriculture consultants or the application of advanced technologies to consultancy work to make it more agile and adapted to farmer’s necessities.

In this scope, an issue that is raising great expectation is phytosanitary prescription as a basis for legal certainty of consultant’s work. Phytosanitary prescription is to farming sector like prescription is to medicine and its objective is the control and improvement of traceability and security in the process of application of phytosanitary products.

In yesterday workshop, Jesús P. Gerique Molina, Project Manager of aGROSLab showed as a premiere a mobile app that will incorporate the phytosanitary prescription to the tool that helps farmers to fulfil the register of phytosanitary products, already working in AgroSLab with more than 5.000 users. So far, it is a beta version but public launching is expected to take place in the frame of 14th Congress of Plant Health in Sevilla, next year from 25th to 27th January (