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GeoSLab and Spatineo sign an agreement to collaborate in geospatial services monitoring

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GeoSLab has signed a framework collaboration agreement with Spatineo to develop solutions of advanced monitoring for geospatial web services.

Spatineo  is a European Company expert in quality assurance of geospatial web services, focused in OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards and INSPIRE. It offers SaaS (Software as a Service) products to monitor the availability, use analyses and performance tests of geospatial web services.

GeoSLab disposes of a wide expertise, at national and European level, in the scope of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) based on the guidelines of Directive INSPIRE. It offers to public entities and private companies consultancy services and technical support in the process of design and implementation of a SDI and the set of services and technologies that are needed to build it up.

This alliance combines the know-how and expertise of both entities to offer an integrated set of tools for the construction of high quality Spatial Data Infrastructures, being the compliance with INSPIRE and OGC requirements guaranteed.

Spatineo products, Spatineo Monitor and Spatineo Performance, help to optimize the quality of geospatial web services. Their main functionalities are:

  • Validation of services in relation with standards and easy identification of conformity problems.
  • Real time monitorization of the level of service and use with a tool specially designed for geospatial web services.
  • Automatic executive reports of the level of service and use with only 1 click.
  • Test of the SDI capacity before service publishing and design according defined requirements.

To get more information, please contact Silvia Laiglesia (