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Zaragoza Activa launches the Curriculum of the future in ZAC Network

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The new version of ZAC network recognises transversal competences for the new digital economy: It´s the curriculum of the future.

Here you can find an extract of the presentation made yesterday by Zaragoza Activa titled: “The Curriculum of the future: Curriculum ZAC

“The more than 9.000 members of the Social Network of ZAC can already download their own ZAC curriculum, a portfolio of transversal competences that recognises up to nine abilities: entrepreneurship, innovation, team work, communication, leadership, IT and social networks, management, emotional intelligence and social transformation.

This new CV will include data of 2.000 events that have took place since 2013.

Curriculum ZAC

If in 2013 we were one of the local projects in Spain and Europe pioneers in disposing of a social network, this new version positions Zaragoza Activa as one of the first ecosystems of entrepreneurship and social innovation capable of certify informal educational itineraries.

Anyway, we continue considering ZAC network as a beta project, with a clear experimental vocation, that, in addition of their specific objectives, aims to rethink the methods and frames of relationship among citizens and public projects”.

We invite you to watch the press conference that took place yesterday.