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New interactive viewer of the Strategic Noise Map in Zaragoza

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Last Monday 26th June, the city Councillor of Zaragoza, Teresa Artigas, presented at a press conference the New Strategic Noise Map of Zaragoza. This study, carried out by the municipal environmental agency together with the University of Zaragoza, provides interesting data that will help to define different proposals to reduce noise pollution.

In addition, it was also launched a new tool denominated “Noise interactive map” that has been developed by the Office of Participation, Transparency and Open Government of the City Council of Zaragoza. This new service allows the interactive display of data of noise levels over the city map (information about its functionality can be checked here:

The interactive noise map is a new service of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Zaragoza (IDEZar) that facilitates the access of citizens to useful geographic-based information of the city.

The report and all the information about methodology, legislative framework, etc., are available at:

Press release: