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Introducing ZTrails application in the first edition of the Giant Trail Zona Zero "La Batalla del Inframundo"

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This weekend has held the first edition of the Giant Trail Zona Zero "La Batalla del Inframundo", organized by the Zona Zero Business Association, an event to make known the Region of Sobrarbe as a reference destination in Europe for the practice of MTB.

In the day before the event ZTrails was presented, an application oriented to mobile devices that facilitated the conciliation of the different activities that are carried out in the Roads of Sobrarbe. The application informs about the state of the roads and routes of Sobrarbe, as well as of the affections on these roads, for hunting or other incidents such as disassembles, sport races, floods, temporary closures, etc.

The application has been developed by GeoSLab, as a result of a cooperation project between the Zona Zero Business Association and Tronzadora Beer, which has been granted support under the Leader 2014-2020 Local Development Strategy, managed by the Center for the Development of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza (CEDESOR) and financed by the European Fund FEADER and the Government of Aragon.

From GeoSLab we would like to congratulate the whole team in charge of the organization of the race for the success of the event and all participants who enjoyed a unique environment. We hope that in future editions the ZTrails application will help them to overcome this hard battle.


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