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The project “Systems of integrated logistics management of pig slurry 4.0” 3rd classified in Triple Helix awards

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Yesterday, the University of Zaragoza (Spain) awarded three innovation projects among the eight finalists of the IV edition of its Triple Helix Conference.

The project submitted by Javier Zarazaga, Coordinator of the Advanced Information Systems Laboratory of the University of Zaragoza, “Systems of integrated logistics management of pig slurry 4.0” was awarded the third prize. The project developed together with Rigual, 7eData and GeoSLab, “ is a system of integrated management for the transport and application of pig slurry, a complicated issue in Aragón, the region in Spain with the biggest number of pigs and therefore the first producer of pig slurry”, in his own words.

It is a case of use in the frame of the project aGroSLab-GO, financed by the Program of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness “Challenges in Cooperation” for 2016

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