Discover new functionalities of SWOFi, our app to collect data on field

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SWOFi (Smart Work On Field), is a tool that helps you with the work of collecting data on field using your mobile device. With SWOFi, data collection is very easy, only in 4 steps:

  1. Plan your work using the web application: Configure your measure points and design the route.
  2. Download all the information in your mobile device. SWOFi works off-line!
  3. On field, you can collect data with SWOFi mobile app in a very quick and easy way, including photos, notes, etc.
  4. Back at office, download data, so you can access from web interface to generate statistics, reports, etc.

In addition, now SWOFi incorporates new functionalities:

  • You can calculate the best route between your measure points, combining the automatic routing service of Google with the possibility of creating routes manually on the map.
  • It incorporates a function of navigation to slots using CAP codes.
  • It includes the option of creating measure points on the go, when you are on field collecting data.
  • And….much more!

You can try SWOFi for Free! Apply for 1 month trial period without any obligation! More info at .

With SWOFi, never before collecting data was so easy.

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