Espacio 3TOOL among the best 30 ideas of the first competition of innovative ideas INNOLABS

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The Director of the Research Group Iphysio (University San Jorge- San Valero Group), Ph. Pablo Herrero Gallego, has presented the concept Espacio 3TOOL in the first competition of innovative ideas INNOLABS, an event organized in the Mobile World Centre of Barcelona (Spain) on 2nd and 3rd May 2017 for companies of ICT, Biomedicine and health sectors.

The objective of INNOLABS is accelerating the development of smart and disruptive solutions that transform health system, thanks to de collaboration among different sectors. Espacio 3TOOL has been selected among the best 30 ideas and given de possibility of pitching face a jury of independent experts.

3TOOL is an intuitive and easy to use tool that can be used by physiotherapists and patients in auto-treatment sessions at home, always under professional supervision.

Espacio 3TOOL is a collaborative virtual space, directed to physiotherapists and patients that use 3TOOL. Espacio 3TOOL provides access to all protocols and exercises that can be performed with 3TOOL, giving an added value to the purchase of this tool. Espacio 3TOOL is an initiative born from the alliance between the Research Group Iphysio and GeoSLab, that contributes with its experience in the development of Web applications based on geolocated information.

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