Pestifinder reaches the final phase of FINODEX

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Pestifinder, a tool designed to help farmers and agricultural advisors to choose the most suitable pesticides for their crops, has reached the final phase of FINODEX, together with other nine projects coming from different European countries and after a process of consecutive phases that started with 49 selected projects from 196 applications.

FINODEX is one of the 16 accelerators of the FIWARE Accelerate Programme, co-funded by the European Union to support SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs to develop products, services building upon FIWARE technologies and reusing Open Data.

Our objective in this last phase of FINODEX is to solve some issues related to design and functionalities of Pestifinder and launch it to the market. In previous phases we have contacted potential users and stakeholders to test the performance of our tool and have already included some of the improvements suggested by them.

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