Cloud Solution designed by 7eData y GeoSLab to help agriculture advisors and cooperatives with the reporting of pesticide use in farms in compliance with criteria outlined in Royal Decree 1311/2012, of 14th September.


The application includes a potent database with information extracted from Pesticides Register of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture what facilitates queries of phytosanitary products and becomes very helpful when filling records of the pesticide use by farmers. 


More information?

  • Access to pesticide use reporting tool

    Web platform accessible from any device connected to Internet that facilitates shared access to periodical reports by farmers and technical advisors.

  • Focused on agriculture cooperatives

    It´s especially useful for agriculture cooperatives because helps their associates with the fulfillment of pesticides use reporting and allows data upload from management applications (pesticide products, farming production, etc.)n.

  • Phytosanitary Vademecum / GIS viewer

    It incorporates advanced functionalities such as a Vademecum of phytosanitary products or a GIS viewer, giving users the opportunity of viewing their plots and the treatments applied in them.

  • Alerts

    The tool disposes of an integrated alert system that makes possible detection of mistakes when elaborating periodical reports.

  • Plots from CAP (Common Agriculture Policy)

    Farm plots can be incorporated from data from the single payment CAP application form.

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