CercaDeTi is a mobile app to help users when they arrive to a new destination offering geolocated information about all the tourist resources they can find in the surroundings and showing how to reach them.


It enriches the experience of users being a good tool for hotels, magazines, event’s organizers, etc. to differentiate from competitors by offering useful information.


More information?

  • Geolocation

    It geolocates users and show on the map elements next to them that may be of interest (restaurants, museums, hotels, other tourism resources, etc.).

  • Detail of the resources

    It provides access to detailed information associated to resources geolocated on the map (description, photos, and videos).

  • How to arrive

    It helps users to get to the selected place calculating the route from their actual position.

  • Route planning

    Users can plan their stay using the predefined routes that the tool provides. These routes include the most remarkable places and tourist resources in the area.