Farmacias Ahora! ZGZ

Application for Android smart phones and tablets that let you know which chemists around you are OPEN NOW! This app provides optimal results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including chemists on duty and those with extended timetables in the city of Zaragoza.



It takes data provided by the Official Chemist Association of Zaragoza.


More information?

  • Near open chemists 

    It shows on a map open chemists around users and offer them a list ordered by distance.

  • How to arrive 

    It generates routes to reach the desired chemists by car or on foot.

  • All the opening timetables

    It shows chemists on duty in ordinary timetable, in on-call period and those with extended timetables in the city of Zaragoza, representing them with different icons on the map to be able to distinguish ones from the others.

  • Useful information

    It provides useful information of every chemist including phone, address and daily timetable and allows users to call directly from the application.

  • Plan day and hour

    It´s possible to select the day and hour we want to know which chemists are open. That allows us to plan if we need to buy some pharmacy product.

  • Augmented reality

    It shows chemists using augmented reality to facilitate users the process of location.

  • Useful phones

    A list with useful telephone numbers is provided (police, hospitals, etc.).

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