Web application that provides water managers reliable information about where, how and when water is available, what is its quality and how it is used.

This tool helps to improve water resource complex management. An adequate information management renders possible anticipation of necessities and then the implementation of appropriate preventive measures.


It is designed in compliance with guidelines included in local and national laws and also at a European level (Water Framework Directive). That guarantees an organized and easily accessible storage of all required information.

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More information?

  • Valorisation of information

    It allows the collection, structuration and valorisation of all relevant information related to water cycle activities.

  • Generic and configurable

    It´s a generic and configurable tool that is composed by a set of modules adaptable to water and hydrogeological elements each client needs to gather information of.

  • Accelerate decision making process

    Information kept in the system is used to generate reports that accelerate decision making process. These reports are customizable and could include from chemical analyses until water flow data.

  • Internal and external information

    Access to data generated for the client himself through modules that are part of his system (web forms, map viewer, document manager, reports, etc.) and to information of external sources using web forms and the map viewer.

  • Remote sensing data

    Access to data of sensors installed alongside of all the hydrological network the entity needs to monitor.

  • GIS tools

    The geographic information is published using a map viewer that includes GIS tools for map navigation and allows a bidirectional communication between forms associated to different entities and the map.

  • Interoperability

    Software has been developed in compliance with open protocol standards what enables interoperability with other support to decision making technologies (IT).