Water Information System of Álava

Management and planning tool for the Water Management Service of the Department of Environment and Urbanism of the Provincial Council of Álava (Spain). 


The Water Information System of Álava (SIA Álava) allows access and visualization of  available hydrologic and hydrogeological entities and guarantees organized access to information, generation of associated reports and management of the documents linked to the entities. 



More information?

  • Access to integrated information

    It provides access not only to information managed by the Provincial Council of Álava, but also to all Web contents published by The Ministry of Environment in SIA (Integrated System of Water Information) and by Ebro River Basin Authority in IDE-Ebro ( Ebro River Spatial Data Infrastructure).

  • All kind of entities

    Access and visualization of different types of entities: Groundwater masses and aquifers, Surface water masses and Urban Demand Units, plants of treatment of drinking water (ETAP). It also relates the Urban Demand Units to deposits and plants of treatment of drinking water associated.

  • GIS Viewer

    Visualization of the hydrogeological entities on a map, allowing integration with external map services. Users can get access to all information associated to these entities and create or modify points of hydrogeological information or water collection.

  • Document manager

    Documents can be associated to one or more hydrogeological entities. The search of documents can be performed following different search criteria (keyword, area, associate entity, subject or date).

  • Report generation

    The system offers the possibility of obtaining reports in pdf and Excel formats with all the points of hydrogeological information and underground water collection.

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