Zaragoza ApParca


Official application of Zaragoza council to manage vehicles parking directly from the smartphone, without using parking meters. 


Zaragoza ApParca can be used to pay the parking time, renew it, cancellation of fines and recharge of balance. 


More information?

  • Without using parking meters

    It´s no necessary to leave a ticket inside of the vehicle as payment is controlled by number plate identification.

  • Notifications

    On real time monitoring of parking as users will receive notices to inform of the end of parking time, if a fine has been issued, etc.

  • How to reach your vehicle

    Users can geolocate their vehicles on the map and generate the optimal route to reach them.

  •  Register of movements

    Users can obtain a record of their activity: parking, recharges, fines, etc.

  • Pay only for the time you are parked

    Payment is calculated over the real time vehicles are parked.

  • Download!

    Available at Android and iOS official markets.

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