Zaragoza in a flash

'Zaragoza in a flash' offers a dynamic and on real time view of the city integrating more of 6.000 urban resources that are showed on an interactive map using geolocation.


The first page of becomes an authentic dashboard that shows what is happening in the city and facilitates more intuitive and direct navigation through information resources of the city and the local government, on real time and over a cartographic representation of the city.


More information?

  •  Our own technology

    Built over our own visualization technology. Highly configurable.

  • On real time information

    Efficient visualization of on real time information, for example: traffic situation, availability of public bicycles at stations, atmospheric pollution, etc.

  • Configurable

    It disposes of a layer tree with configurable vector information that can be adapted to the daily situation of the city.

  • Device independent

    Developed using HTML5 what makes it accessible from any type of device.

  • IDEZar

    Built using services provided by the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Zaragoza (IDEZar).

  • Mobile World Congress

    It was showed at Mobile World Congress de Barcelona 2012 with the support of W3C.

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