Zaragoza Routes


Official application offered by the Council of Zaragoza that allows citizens to plan on real time their trips inside of the city using public transportation.


Users can calculate personalized itineraries, taking into account their preferences, time of day, etc. and disposing always of official and updated information. That way duration of trips can be reduced and mobility on public transport improved


More information?

  • Optimal route according to user preferences

    It calculates the optimal route to move in the city using public transport taking into account user preferences (day and hour, types of transport, etc.).

  • Detailed report

    It provides a detailed report of the route including on foot option.

  • Nearby stops

    It shows stops near user in a list ordered by distance.

  • Arrival estimated time

    Access to the estimated arrival time by the number of the stop or scanning the QR code.

  • Interactive map

    Visualization of the complete public transport network over an interactive map.

  • Favourite routes and stops

    Users can keep favourite routes and stops to access easily.

  •  Download!

    Available at Android and iOS official markets.

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