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    GeoSLab was created on January 2007 with the aim of transferring technology developed by the Advanced Information Systems R&D Group of the University of Zaragoza ( in a more than 10 years career. We are specialist in management, publishing and visualization of geolocated information.

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    Scope of activity

    We carry out projects in diverse areas: Environment, Agriculture, Urban and Land planning, Geomarketing and Tourism. Our developments can function on their own or together with other software building more potent and integrated systems. This flexibility facilitates adaptation to different types of projects. 

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    Interoperable solutions

    We design our products following Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) paradigm, promoted by INSPIRE European Framework Directive, that offers intuitive and simple mechanisms for users to access geolocated information in the proper context. We work following international standards what guarantees interoperability and scalability of our solutions.