Integration of geolocated information

We offer solutions for visualization and data processing to be integrated in software developed by third parties. Our technology is highly configurable and provides the adequate environment to design a bespoke solution taking into account specific necessities of clients.


We integrate information coming from external sources using standard interfaces or the APIs provided by those external systems. 

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More information?

  •       We work with standards defined by OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) for management and publishing of geographic information: WMS (Web Map Services), WFS (Web Feature Services), WCS (Web Coverage Services), WPS (Web Processing Services), etc.

  •       We integrate interactive maps in systems developed by third parties.

  •       Content management based on location.

  •       Tools to geolocate information.

  •       Independent device interactive viewers.

  •       Access on real time to dynamic information (sensors, etc.).