Publication of Open Data based on geographic information catalogues

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Nowadays, National, regional or local governments are promoting different initiatives to publish their information using Open Data portals. In the scope of geographic information these efforts for publication of information is based on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) and European Directive INSPIRE (2007/2/CE). The link between both spheres, Open Data and SDIs is more than desirable, and, in fact, it is possible thanks to solutions similar to which we will explain in next paragraphs.

The challenge of the actionable persistent identifiers

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A persistent identifier (PID) acts as a standard, invariant and long-term reference of a digital resource, regardless of their status, their location or their current owner. Although, several EU Member States already have governance structures, processes, standards, guidelines and tools to create, maintain, manage and use persistent identifiers in their respective Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), their approaches are different and are at different levels of maturity. That is why the implementation of persistent identifiers for spatial objects is one of the most immediate challenges in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

Vector tiles: the future of map servers?

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Since in 2005 Google launched Google Maps and popularised the use of raster tile maps in Internet browsers, there have appeared multitude of standards, tools and applications that make possible to create tiles, serve them in an interoperable way through Internet and use them by means of desk or web clients, smartphones or tablets.

Vector tiles, different from raster tiles, include information associated to each of the geographic objects they contain, instead of simply providing their representation as an image.

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