GeoSLab and Spatineo sign an agreement to collaborate in geospatial services monitoring

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GeoSLab has signed a framework collaboration agreement with Spatineo to develop solutions of advanced monitoring for geospatial web services.

Spatineo  is a European Company expert in quality assurance of geospatial web services, focused in OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards and INSPIRE. It offers SaaS (Software as a Service) products to monitor the availability, use analyses and performance tests of geospatial web services.

Great success of attendance to the workshop of Public Liability and tools for farming advice

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More than 100 professionals of farming sector attended yesterday the workshop organized by the Official Association of agronomists of Aragón. The speakers exposed subjects of great interest such as the assurance of public liability of agriculture consultants or the application of advanced technologies to consultancy work to make it more agile and adapted to farmer’s necessities.

Zaragoza Rutas informs about bus accessibility

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Zaragoza Rutas, the official app of Zaragoza City Council that helps citizens to move around the city using public transport, incorporates information about buses accessibility indicating if they dispose or not of an adapted ramp to facilitate access.

The app includes a specific icon to inform if the bus disposes of ramp when it shows the waiting time in a bus stop.

Zaragoza ApParca helps you to find available space to park thanks to citizen’s collaboration

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Zaragoza ApParca, the official app of Zaragoza City Council to manage your car parking without using the parking meter, offers now a new functionality to locate available space to park. Thanks to citizens ‘collaboration parking in the city is easier and you can receive interesting discounts.

New technologies applied to farm management

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Last week the digital newspaper included an article talking about different initiatives lead by SMEs from Aragón. These projects are using advanced technologies such as tele-detection, geolocation or Big Data to improve farming management and performance. GeoSLab stands out for its latest initiatives in innovative projects for the implementation of new technologies in the sector.

GIS-PORT at CINCTEMAR Conference in Colombia

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On 13th and 14th October took place in Barranquilla (Colombia) the first International Congress of New Technologies for Sea and River In this frame, Ph. Camilo Botero gave a technical lecture to introduce GIS-PORT to an audience composed by more than 1.000 sector professional attendants.

"AwesoMoon" awarded "Best Project related to Cervantes world" in Space Apps Zaragoza 2016

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Last 3rd May we presented the award “Best Project related to Cervantes world” of NASA Space Apps Zaragoza 2016 ( that took place on 23rd and 24th April. A part of this award, sponsored by GeoSLab, was composed by the two books of Don Quixote written by Cervantes and the known as Quixote of Avellaneda or apocryphal Quixote.

GIS-PORT: management of geographic environmental information of ports

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GIS-PORT is a tool designed to help Colombian sea ports to fulfill periodical reporting required by the National Authority of Environmental Licenses (ANLA). ANLA obliges sea ports under its jurisdiction to guarantee that the georeferenced information they manage match with the data model defined by its regulations.